Dark Age: Mage

Trans-Rus Gypsy Love

After the three Polish guards were returned to the party, the magi left and continued onward to their destination of Muscovy. They were forced to travel overland between unnavigable sections of the river which slowed their progress. On one evening they ran across a robbed woman standing by the edge of the road. The woman called out to Konrad by name which stopped the procession until the magi could determine what this encounter would entail.

She asked for our trust and she would give us our futures. For this she needed blood and again she mentioned the need to trust her. The blood of all three mages, Brodir Olafson, Bogdan and Konrad were collected into a bowl. She claimed that she saw a silvery light, coming from a silvery moon. The silvery moon shined upon a silver sword which lied before a silver tower. She mentioned that these events must be met in order and that if you can not stand those 3 tasks then you have already becomed doomed.

The moon was waxing and would become full in 3 days. She gave Konrad a wicker basket to ‘guide us’ after Bogdan gave the witch silver and Konrad gave the gypsy hur hur hur in payment for her fortune-telling. Inside the basket was the familiar, Imhotep the Magnificent, servant to the mage Jamal Al Farouk who is greater than all dirt mages. To Brodir, she made a ball of mud mixed with the blood that remained in the bowl. She commented that this was a symbol of friendship and instructed brodir to keep it safe.

Imhotep explained that Jamal was flying east when a whirlwind, of what must have been unimaginable power, pulled Jamal out of the sky. Imhotep had fallen out of the vortex before Jamal was brought down and so was seperated from his master and best friend.


Wow, so Konrad has killed more party members and had more voluntary sex than anyone else in the party… How does an Order of Hermes mage explain that?!? Ha!

Trans-Rus Gypsy Love

I think Jamal’s record speaks for itself.

Trans-Rus Gypsy Love

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