Dark Age: Mage

The Lodge at Schonburg

Proto-Mason's Lodge

Schonburg is a small township in Germany with roughly 1000 people. The main features of note are a clock tower and several water wheels that dot the city. While in town we noticed a very large black man with a sword and bow asking about the location of Direktor Ginsberg. The black man had a creepy vibe about him so we watched from afar.

Outside the township is a small chantry of mages who have built their own lodge. The lodge consists of several extremely educated mages and a number of mundane humans who act as support staff. Alcohol is not usually permitted on site as demonstrated by one of the guards purchasing a flask of wine for a piece of silver.

The layout of the lodge is a very orderly one. The ground is smooth and there were graveled walkways between buildings. Everything seemed to have its place. In the midst of the buildings was a small 4-sided pyramid. When the black rider showed up the mages defenses came into play. Walls rose out of the ground to surround the compound with a lot of mechanical noises. The guards positioned themselves on the walls with early musket-type of projectiles and two cannon-style nozzles came out of opposite sides of the pyramid (which ended up swiveling to track targets.


The black rider, a Panther Priest, assaulted the walls with 8 attackers. They leaped from their horses to get onto the walls.

Jamal had a bad run of things. He attempted to jump onto a slate roofed building and fell down being covered in tiles. Using his magic, he then jumped over the walls and landed in the vicinity of one of the cannon blasts. Stripped of all of this clothes he raised his sword to channel lightning to throw at one of the enemy Panther Priests and botched his roll, knocking himself unconscious.

Diego attempted to use his magic and trick the Panther Priest but was speared and so he opted to teleport away.

Konrad was also caught in the courtyard by the Panther Priest and was thrown outside of the fort, in the vicinity of Jamal. He then opted to stay hidden and attempt to find and heal Jamal.

Brodir Olafson managed to wound the Panther Priest who fled shortly afterwards.

Snorri had botched a magic roll with his Rune Stones and fought with paradox so that he could not find them.

Combat 2nd Wave

A darkness clad, red-eyed monster roughly 14 ft. tall began climbing over the wall. He radiated fear (difficulty 8 to resist). It was hit in the chest by several riflemen and one solid shot from the cannon. In the distance there was a lot of drumming and chanting, leading the party to believe that the raiders were somehow using magic to fortify the monster.

Brodir and Konrad moved into the forest to try and surprise the chanters. A small skirmish ensued while the Panther Priest managed to raid the library within the compound. The combat ended shortly after the Panther Priest found what he was looking for after having done major damage to the compound’s defenses (walls and cannon were damaged pretty badly).

Notable People

Dr MBari – African. Konrad’s trade contact who directed the party towards the amber found on the Baltic coast in Lithuania. Performed some alchemical magic on the amber that Konrad had and it was found to be less than ideal for his purposes. Lithuanian amber is apparently of a purer nature.

Direktor Ginsberg – Director of the Lodge’s Library.

Lord Tully – Smokes cigars, uses grenades.



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