Dark Age: Mage

Thinking that Jamal Al Farouk needed saving, the party followed The Great Imhotep eastward to a mountain where they discovered a Unibomber shack. The shack was apparently the home of an awful monster, the Gruulevond, and he had sealed it up tight to keep anyone from stealing his prized possession and guest of honor, the Magus Jamal.

After an indeterminable stretch of many hours the group eventually made its way inside only to be stymied by an illusionary wall. Meanwhile Jamal was being tortured by a fugue state in which he had horrible terrifying nightmares that he was forced to go on long pointless journeys with a gaggle of illequipped European hedge wizards and being punished for being the only intelligent one amongst them.

Eventually Bogdan discovered the illusionary wall. With the help of Konrad they were able to beg and plead for a spirit to help them recover Jamal. Desperate to find him the necromancer, the merchant and the viking all entered the minds of eye of a spirit creature that happened to be hanging out there.

Inside the creature’s eye the group finally located Jamal on an endless yellow plane. He had a hard time discerning the difference between his nightmares and their actual presence, but eventually decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Many silly things were than attempted to try and make an escape from the pocket dimension they found themselves in. Then Jamal decided he had wasted enough time there and and led the rest of them quickly away from the yellow plane and into the blue sky where they discovered a cloud kingdom.
The party is, as yet, unsure as to how Jamal managed to become ensnared in the pocket dimension or how such a powerful spirit entity became aware of Jamal’s presence. From the accounts from Imhotep, Jamal’s flying into Rus was not in line with the time alloted for the group to get to Muscovy. At this time it can only be surmised that Jamal must have had some urgent reason to once again take his attentions from his studies and travel into unknown lands.

The pocket dimension that the group has found themselves in seems to be highly resistant to the travel magic that Brodir Olafson typically uses. At this point Brodir has exhausted his magical reserves and needs time to replenish them.

Brodir has reflected often at how such a group of disparate mages have managed to stay together for so long. The self-absorbed and conceited nature of the Order of Hermes is but one difficulty Brodir has yet managed to wrap his head around. They are seemingly mages of extreme power and can potentially waste to large swathes of land, but out of the two Hermites that Brodier has known they have required saving by others. After Jamal’s rescue and exit from this pocket dimension, Brodir hopes that Jamal will finally step down from his self imagined pedestal and look behind him to see that the shadow he casts is just as long as those cast by his companions.
Despite the delays and setbacks caused by his confinement the great Magus Jamal is certain he will emerge victorious and unswayed from his path to total supremacy. The mere fact that such great lengths were gone to in order to capture and attempt to hold him are just further evidence of his greatness. Few would be able to imagine, even less withstand, even a fraction of the intense hardships and pain he has undergone in his efforts to save his companions from the perils they continually place themselves. It is merely a testament to his great strength that he remains alive and an even further testament to his magnanimous nature in the way he lets them share in some small measure in the glory of his actions. Perhaps when their journeying is done they will have even earned the privilege of learning True Magic at his feet or at least serving as his retainers in his future endeavors.


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