Dark Age: Mage

Szczecin, Poland

Wintering in Szczecin

Entering into Szczecin

The party succeeded in traveling North following the Oder River. They had news that Lord Kasimir had fallen in some battle or raid from one of his own messengers who had also been wounded. The messenger later died of his wounds and Konrad raised his spirit before it could move on to find out the news of Kasimir and that he was going to report his Lordship’s death to his son, Peter in Szczecin. The party decided to take this news to Kasimir’s heir since he would be the next target of the Eastern Mage, Wu Chen.

Brodir facilitated the travel by using his magic to temporarily enchant their wagon so that it could move through the snows easier. During this journey, Jamal opted to take advantage of Konor’s ward while Konor was communing with the surrounding spirits.

Upon entering into Szczecin, the party was concerned with how to go about delivering the message to Peter. They were not dressed to meet with nobility and did not feel that serving as Kasimir’s own messenger was wise since they didn’t know much about him. They opted to split up and see what kind of information they could get on their own.

Brodir used this time to meet and speak with other vikings in the city’s port district. Mixing with the sailors and hirelings from the north, he made contact with a family of Swedish merchants who had wintered in Szczecin and were awaiting the thawing of the Baltic to travel south. Rumors told of conflict between Sweden and Lithuania which would probably have an impact on the northern trade. He was told of a merchant named Gunter, who primarily dealt with trade between Poland and Lithuania and learned that Gunter liked to travel overland before the thaw so that he might be the first to bring= back goods from Lithuania once the waterways had cleared.

Lord Masliev

Finally acquiescing to the needs of the group, Jamal and Brodir managed to bribe their way into the city’s keep to meet the chamberlain. Using his extraordinary ability of complementing his own person, Jamal managed to convince the chamberlain to hire him as the lord’s librarian for the extravagant price of room and board. Brodir was hired on as well as an apprentice librarian and unofficial cat-wrangler.

In the library Brodir and Jamal met another mage by the name of Bogdan. Bogdan had been given access to the Lord’s library in return for some services Bodgan provided for Masliev. Using Bogdan’s association with Lord Masliev, the three requested an audience with him to find out how to reach Kasimir’s son, Peter.

In the conversation, the story of Kasimir’s tapestry was shared as well as Kasimir’s reported death. Lord Masliev pressed the party to pursue the tapestry to Moscow and return the tapestry to him. He also decided that Peter would be safest under his protection since the party hinted that the eastern mage, Wu Chen would probably be targeting him after Kasimir’s death.

After meeting with Konrad the group decided to take Lord Masliev up on his offer requiring mounts, a wagon and a handful of soldiers to protect them as they travelled north towards Muscovy. For themselves, the party pursued the regency of Kasimir’s traditional lands until Peter’s legitimacy at age 17. In addition, Kasimir’s Keep was also named as the party’s center of operation to legitimize them in the eyes of the Polish nobles.



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