Dark Age: Mage

Defending Magnus's Cray Pt. 2

The session started out in mid-combat with Brodir Olafson having materialized from the penumbra in an alley way across the street from the boot shop. Jamal, Bogdan, and Konrad were still inside the building after having dealt with a number of mutated humanoids.

A very large, hulking creature cloaked in darkness came out of the alley way where three cowled vampires were chanting around a circle that was glowing with a purple light. The Vozhd moved to towards Brodir who used Fara to speed around him in an attempt to interrupt whatever magic the vampire mages were performing. A fourth vampire armed with a sword dropped from the roof and landed in front of Brodir.

As Brodir engaged the vampire swordsman, Jamal and Bogdan assaulted the Vozhd from within the building. Jamal seared it with light cast through his sword and Bogdan used his death magic to draw the creatures life energies away. Both managed to cause the creature quite a lot of damage when Jamal heard a noise from inside the building they were in. Investigating he came upon 2 vampires armed with swords and trying to sneak up behind them. Creating fire, Jamal caused one to flee in terror and to break through the shop’s poor wall while the other vampire rogue had managed to maintain some composure. Meanwhile Konrad was mixing herbs and spices to prepare a topical cream and marinade for later that evening.

The vampire swordsman fell to Brodir’s axe just as the 2nd Vozhd had completely manifested itself. Bogdan had managed to slay the first Vozhd which had fallen in front of the door way, partially obstructing passage through it.

Brodir parried the first blow from the Vozhd but became entangled in the creatures tentacles that sprouted from its torso. Konrad, first out of the building, attempted to help Brodir by trying to pull the tentacles off of him only to receive the first EPIC BITCHSLAP recorded in modern history. Konrad was knocked through the air and into a building, stunning him for a couple of rounds and lots of dots of damage.

Bogdan finally exited the building having managed to escape the doorway and distracted the Vozhd enough to allow Brodir to escape its tentacles with use of his Fara magic. The vampire magi had fled the scene the round before and so Brodir used his Fara magic to catch up to them. Jamal exited the building after the second vampire rogue fled and began using his magic and sword against the 2nd Vozhd. Jamal became entangled, received lots of damage while Bodgan scorched the creature with his death magic.

While Bogdan and Jamal were messing with the 2nd Vozhd, Brodir managed to chase down one of the vampire magi and cut him down with 2 blows from him magically imbued ax. He attempted to chase down the other two but they had managed to escape while he was in combat. Brodir returned to the shop with the body of the defeated vampire for the last lame round of combat with the Vozhd in which everyone either missed or managed 1 point of damage.

While Konrad and Bogdan attempt to save Jamal’s life, Brodir hacked up the bodies of the 2 Vozhd to hide them from the eyes of the city dwellers. After a less than successful use of magic, the body parts were covered by the snows from the roofs against the side of the boot shop.

Eventually morning arrived, Magnus came upstairs wielding a flaming staff and a shield (?). He managed to heal Jamal of some wounds, make a snide comment of hedge wizards, and enlightened the group with more details of the vampires.

Magnus claims that the vampires are Tzimisce. They tend to use the cover of nobility and prestige to hide their presence. They also have the ability to manipulate flesh and create monstrous creatures by combining the flesh of different creatures. They can command animals and mentions that it was good that it was winter or the party might have faced a hoard of rats or wolves.

Bogdan summons the spirit of a couple of the mutated humanoids. The first was a woman by the name of Anya, daughter of Orin from the village of Fezhun. Her master is named Kazarin who apparently punishes her with pain. Her spirit left before any more information could be gleamed.

The second was another woman, Sorin. She also named her master Kazarin and claimed that he resided below the castle.

Experience Points

Bogdan, Brodir, Jamal, and Konrad all received 4 XP



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