Foundation: Blot

Blot reflects the sign of the Valdaerman’s conviction and willingness to suffer deprivation and pain for the sake of the gods.

  1. Valdaerman feels the touch of the gods upon him, drawing strength from the fate he shares with them. He is at peace with his morality and the knowledge that all things must end.
  2. Sees that all things are sacrifice. All things are had in offering oneself up to the magic as he has literally learned to bleed for his power. Whenever suffering damage from any source, the Valdaerman may opt ot use that damage as a mystic focus for a number of turns equal to his Blot score or the number of Health Levels sustained, whichever is less.
  3. He wears the scars of his art with pride, knowing that wounds always leaves one stronger for the healing. He sees that he is being transformed by his practice into an instrument of the will of the Aesir.
  4. Not yet achieved – The fortitude of the Valdaerman has become a deep pool from which he might draw up his own pain and suffering as offerings to the All-Father, drawing power from the terrible inevitability of destiny.
  5. Not yet achieved – He knows what must be done and makes it so, heedless of the cost. His life is now just one more price to be paid – his final debt to Valhalla. The Valdaerman may pour out his life into his magic, suffering unsoakable Health levels of damage that must be healed nonmagically, allowing him to add one die per wound level to a single casting roll.


Fara – Mysteries of Travel

Fara appeals to the Nordic spirit, and it is the very essence of freedom, exploration and discovery. Motion, migration, and trade are all concepts fall under the purview of this rune.

  1. Becomes attuned to motion and movement on the literal and conceptual levels. He senses the energy of physical action and can see when something or someone is going somewhere. This allows him to know that water rushes in an underground stream beneath his feet or that a pilgrim is still far from his destination; it even allows him to watch the progress of an idea from mind to mind.
  2. The Valdaerman can insinuate feelings of wanderlust, adventuroursness or a simple desire to move into a person and is able to direct the immediate vector of such ephemeral substances as concepts. He may also escape any form of mundane physical confinement given time and a bit of work.
  3. The Valdaerman may walk through any unsolid physical medium (such as air or water) and can ward against mental confinement, control or intrusion or else slip such bonds once they are placed (adding one die per success to Willpower pools in both cases). He may redirect ongoing motion (charging horse or a thrown dagger) and can walk between worlds to enter the Penumbra
  4. Not yet achieved – Can direct his thoughts into the mind of another, changing surface thoughts. He may bring others into the Penumbra or walk deeper into the Umbra. He can specifically dictate the motion of a group, diea or individual not actively resisting him . He may move himself through space (teleporting) and may likewise transport objects and animals in the same fashion (one extra person or thing per success, plus one point of Quintessence point each)
  5. Not yet achieved – May enter physically into dreams, the realms of the Fae and the Astral and Dark Umbrae. He may move locations or groups of people largely at will. He can travel astrally (though his body remains inert and defenseless). He may bestow or inflict any of the boons or woes of travel upon a single being, a group or a concept (granting clear passage or never allowing rest, etc.)

Forlog – Mysteries of Luck and Fortune

Forlog is fate or destiny. For the Valdaerman, personal fate and fortune are often a result of one’s own efforts, hence this pillar is often associated with prosperity and praise won through skill.

  1. Sources of physical wealth and rich goods can be detected as well as less substantial rewards. Helps locate gold and jewels as well as locating people, places, or ideas that could be of benefit, lead to comfort or otherwise result in profit or happiness for the mystic.
  2. The Valdaerman can create feelings of general well-being, accomplishment and contentment in others. Little runs of good fortune come to him when he is in need. Others feel more at ease in the presence of the Valdaerman (adding one die to Empathy rolls per success). A sense of goodwill and success seem to follow in his wake.
  3. Not yet achieved – Fine ores trickle like water from base stones. A bad deal suddenly yields an unexpected windfall. Forlog can sustain the Valdaerman when no food or rest is to be had. Few can avoid being entranced by the fine words from his silvered tongue (add one dot to Manipulation or Subterfuge per success).
  4. Not yet achieved – Gold from thin air and friendships from dire foes are granted by this pillar. The Valdaerman can control the concept of good fortune as it applies to individuals and small groups (adding or subracting one die per two successes to any nonmystical Background).
  5. Not yet achieved – He can bring success or failure to a person, a group or a venture of almost any sort (adding or subtracting successes from an action on a one for one basis, a Quintessence and a Willpower must be spent to bring this effect to bear on magic). He can virtually guarantee that a concept or movement will take root and thrive or wither and die. He is a close friend to opportunity (lowering difficulties pertaining to friendship or good fortune by one per success).


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