Szczecin is located where the Oder River meets the Baltic Sea in what is currently northwestern Poland. It is ruled by Lord Masliev, a seemingly liberal minded nobleman who has an interest in uniting Poland under his control.

Two different Crays have been located within the city’s boundaries. One is the den of a pack of werewolves. The second is the residence and retail shop of Magnus, a mage in the Order of Hermes fellowship. Magnus is a boot maker and a considerably powerful mage. His cray was attacked by a number of vampires and their fleshly altered servants the night that the party made contact with Magnus.

Known Supernaturals

Vampires Szczecin also has an indeterminate number of vampires in the city. Magnus made a comment that he didn’t know if they were Tremere or if they were Tzimisce. The vampire servants are grossly altered creatures that only loosely resemble human anymore.

Werewolves Magnus also made a comment that he knows of roughly 15 individual werewolves that have either made Szczecin their home or frequently travel through the city.

Jamal Rating: 3


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