Kasimir's Keep

After having learned of the relationship between the Witch Innesca and Lord Kasimir, the party decided to aid Lord Stanislav, a vassal of Lord Kasimir, in removing the magical source of persuasion that Lord Kasimir had over the land’s nobility. Lord Stanislav wished that the tapestry be removed or destroyed so that its evil would not be perpetuated.

In a failed attempt to impress Lord Kasimir’s Captain of the Guard, Jamal slit the captain’s throat from behind setting off an alarm within the keep. In the confusion, Jamal used his magic and blew up the Keep’s smithy while Brodir faced off with a frenzied werewolf who later turned out to be the late Captain of the Guard. Jamal was mortally wounded in a sword fight with a guard. Konrad managed to find a magical curtain that he took for the tapestry they were searching for. Before Jamal had fallen, he had used his magic to set the smithy afire to add to the general confusion. Jamal was taken to the infirmary within the castle and Konrad surrendered himself to the guards. Brodir escaped with the magical curtain by stepping through the walls of the Keep.

It was later set afire again after the party returned with 20 hired mercenaries so that they could retrieve Jamal who had been mortally wounded in the initial raid on the Keep and free Konrad from the confines of the prison. Konrad had already managed his escape by making a pact with a spirit to distract the guard and allow Konrad passage out of the dungeon. Konrad’s pact was to look for the spirit’s daughter and save her from a life of prostitution.

The raid was to secure the keep, find the tapestry, and free Jamal and Konrad. After a protracted conflict, the keep was burned to the ground and several of the guards were slain. Brodir’s abilities were demonstrated to a few of the mercenaries when he stepped through a barred door to allow them entry to one of the towers and to provide the men with cover who were trapped in the courtyard.

Brodir stumbled upon an area of the Keep where a powerful spirit seemed to reside. It was located under the Keep’s kitchen, accessible only by going down a dark and smelly hole.

Jamal Rating: 2

Kasimir's Keep

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