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  • Brodir

    h5. Background Brodir was the third son of five and raised in his native land of Sweeden. At a young age, Brodir's uncle Erling Twice-Bitten had sensed the magical potential that was welling up inside of him and pressed his father, Olaf, to let Erling …

  • Jamal

    Egyptian Librarian. Order of Hermes. Coptic Christian. He is often the victim of mortal wounds which are typically self inflicted. In northern Europe he is considered to dress like a woman.

  • Konrad

    Polish Spirit Talker. Amber Merchant of note. He is determined to remain less than average to break any celestial curve that presides over the universe.

  • Bogdan

    A Bulgarian, Old Faith mage. Quite sociable and probably writes bad poetry to his Lady-Mistress, Death. Likes to Death Ray [[Vozhd]]!

  • Diego

    A Moor from Spain. Disappeared in Germany, probably because he also dressed like a woman.

  • Snorri

    Icelandic Valdaerman. An old man. Sadly the party failed him after just having rescued him from confinement in the woods where the Witch Innesca lived. Died of a botched healing salve after having taken many grievous wounds.

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