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  • tapestry

    Lord Kasimir was reputed to have a magical tapestry that allowed him to persuade others to follow his directives. This was hinted as being the source of his power and how the Polish nobility fell to sending sacrificial tithes to the [[Witch Innesca]]. …

  • magical curtain

    [[:konrad]] found the magical curtain while looking for Lord Kasimir's [[tapestry]]. The curtain seems to have properties associated with obfuscation though none have managed to figure out how to trigger its effects properly.

  • knife

    The knife was one of the rewards that [[:lord-stanislav]] gifted the players after returning from [[Kasimir's Keep]] With quintessence the knife can cut/draw a barrier which keeps others from crossing. It can also be suspended to make a compass to …

  • curtain

    The cloth is actually a tangible obscurement spell. It can hide any inanimate object that is wrapped inside of it. [[:konrad]] found the object hidden in one of the storage rooms of [[Kasimir's Keep]]

  • buckler

    The buckler was another of the items that [[:lord-stanislav]] awarded the players after returning from [[Kasimir's Keep]]. Once powered with quintessence it disintegrates missiles that are fired or thrown at the wielder. It also can provide the …

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