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  • Anya

    A woman from the village of [[Fezhun]]. Her spirit was tied to a mutated humanoid that was altered by the [[Tzimisce]] vampires. She claims her master was named [[Kazarin]]. She was slain in defense of [[Magnus]]'s Cray in the city of [[Szczecin]], …

  • Snorri

    Icelandic Valdaerman. An old man. Sadly the party failed him after just having rescued him from confinement in the woods where the Witch Innesca lived. Died of a botched healing salve after having taken many grievous wounds.

  • Sorin

    A young woman hideously deformed in the vicious and ghastly [[Schlacta]]. She was killed in monster form by [[:jamal]], [[:bogdan]] and [[:konrad]]. The shade of Sorin was recalled by Bogdan and gave up the fact that her master, the [[Tzimisce]] Vampire …

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