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    h5. List of Crays

    1. [[Forest of the Witch Innesca]]
    2. [[Kasimir's Keep]]
    3. [[Werewolf Den in Szczecin]]
    4. [[Boot Store in Szczecin]]
    5. [[Lodge at Schonburg]]
    6. [[Church outside of Lord …

  • Kasimir's Keep

    After having learned of the relationship between the Witch Innesca and Lord Kasimir, the party decided to aid Lord Stanislav, a vassal of Lord Kasimir, in removing the magical source of persuasion that Lord Kasimir had over the land's nobility. Lord …

  • Witch Innesca

    A powerful witch who resided in a vast wood outside of Lord Kasimir's Keep. Her magic crashed the party's barge by animating the trees around the Oder River to move into the water's path and upturn the boats. The party managed to kill the witch …

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