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  • Part 1

    h6. Entering into Szczecin The party succeeded in traveling North following the Oder River. They had news that [[Lord Kasimir]] had fallen in some battle or raid from one of his own messengers who had also been wounded. The messenger later died of …

  • Szczecin

    Szczecin is located where the Oder River meets the Baltic Sea in what is currently northwestern Poland. It is ruled by [[:lord-masliev]], a seemingly liberal minded nobleman who has an interest in uniting Poland under his control. Two different Crays …

  • Peter

    Son of Kasimir. 7 Years old. Currently under the stewardship of Lord Masliev in Szczecin, Poland.

  • Gunter

    Merchant who operates between Lithuania and Szczecin, Poland. Is reputed to like to travel overland to Lithuania to be among the first traders bringing goods from Lithuania once the Baltic Ocean frees up.


    This was marked by Konrad's foolish attempt to aid [[Brodir]] and release him from the entanglement from a Vozhd in [[Szczecin]], Poland. [[Konrad]] managed to gain a good hold on the tentacle that was grasping Brodir but did not manage to pull it off of …

  • Vozhd

    A monstrosity of creation by the [[Tzimisce]] Vampires. Made up of various body parts fused together by unknown means. They stand over 10 feet tall and are extremely strong. Up close they can sprout tentacle-like appendages that can grapple and ensnare …

  • Anya

    A woman from the village of [[Fezhun]]. Her spirit was tied to a mutated humanoid that was altered by the [[Tzimisce]] vampires. She claims her master was named [[Kazarin]]. She was slain in defense of [[Magnus]]'s Cray in the city of [[Szczecin]], …

  • Tzimisce

    A clan of [[vampires]] first encountered in [[Szczecin]], Poland. They have the ability to mend and manipulate flesh, they can create [[Vozhd]] and other mutant humanoid creatures. They are also rumored to have control over animals and use nobility and …

  • Fezhun

    A village about a half a day's travel from [[Szczecin]], Poland (in good weather). [[Anya]]'s spirit claimed that her father Orin lived there. Jamel Rating: 1

  • Boot Store in Szczecin

    Controlled or owned by the mage [[Magnus]], a mage in the Order of Hermes. Allowed the party to partake in the cray's quintessence before the cray was assaulted by the [[Tzimisce]].

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