Jamal Al Farouk

Scholar and Hermetic Mage


Handsome and well mannered, Jamal stands about six feet tall and is usually seen dressed in scholar like robes and carrying his saber in one hand and an ancient tome in the other. He is always expecting trouble, but is never surprised by it. His steely cool gaze makes strong men tremble and fine women swoon. He is the perfect balance of scholar and warrior, blending the two effortlessly. He could have been a king in his homeland, but valuing knowledge above all else, he realized early on that his destiny lay elsewhere. Knowledge of magic and the nature of the universe are particularly interesting to him and there is little he will not do to attain such insight. Most of the time his familiar, a Persian cat named Imhotep, can be found trailing in his glorius wake singing his praises.

How I became a Magus

Delving into forbidden texts Jamal came across hermetic tomes that awakened his spirit to the malleuble nature of the universe and he hasn’t looked back since.


Beyond reproach





Jamal Al Farouk

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