Jamal's Familiar


A magical familiar that has sworn its allegiance and fealty to Jamal Al Farouk. Currently Imhotep inhabits the form of a sly looking Persian cat.


Imhotep is very old. During the Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt in the reign of Ramses the First he served as military advisor to the Pharaoh. Carvings from that period indicate that he was instrumental in the conquests of modern day Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. His expertise with the war chariot was unparalleled.

After the Pharaoh’s demise Imhotep decided to take a few centuries to bum around Europe and really discover himself. These were his wild years, the lost years. He saw many incredible things and broke many hearts.

Eventually Imhotep journeyed to republican Rome and reentered politics. After some initial setbacks he eventually was appointed Promagistrate. Owing to his organizational experience he was appointed Lieutenant Governor of the province of Sicily. Following this he secured a position as Quaestor and supervised the treasury and financial affairs of the state, its armies and its officers. He served admirably, but failing to gain membership to the Senate, he chose to once again retire from public life.

Later while searching for reasonably priced retirement property in the overheated Egyptian real estate market he detected a powerful magical presence. Seeking it out he discovered a young mage by the name of Jamal Al Farouk. They discovered quickly that they had much in common; love of magic, learning, sunlight and intricate scale models. Finding a like minded soul, Imhotep vowed to serve and mentor Jamal, and put his retirement plans on the back burner.


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