Brodir Olafson

Brash and hairy, Brodir stands shy of six feet and is often dressed in leather armor unless he is expecting trouble. He has a fierce gaze tends to make those around him uneasy and many have remarked that the winds take on a mournful cry in his presence.

Str 4 Dex 4 Sta 3
Cha 2 Man 2 App 2
Per 3 Int 2 Wit 3


Foundation 3
Fara 3
Forlog 2
Hjaldrar 2


Fount 2
Resources 1
Talisman 1 (Odin Rune Stones – Galdrar)
Talisman ? (single buckler, parry difficulty 4)

Standard Equipment

Chain Mail (3B, 4L)
Large Battle Axe (Str +5)
Short Bow
Quiver of Arrows
How I became a Magus

Brodir was taken to the Temple of Uppsala by his uncle Erling. There he was hung upside down and bled until he was able to recite with clarity the visions he experienced. His visions told him of a sickness that was coming towards his home and that he must travel south to confront it.


Brodir’s goal is to draw Christianity’s influence away from Sweden and back to the mainland. He’s learned how the first crusade against Finland set about trying to establish Christianity in Finland and saw how it polarized his native people into war. He would like to see a counter-crusade happen in Europe to draw the eyes of Christians from expanding outward to retreating inward. Doing so might encourage his people to rebel against the corpse-worshipers and initiate a sort of viking renaissance.


Erling Twice-Bitten – Brodir’s uncle and mentor. Erling recognized Brodir’s potential at an early age and adopted him when his magical potential was awakening. Erling lost 2 fingers on his left hand and a large chunk of tissue from his right leg after having fallen out of a ship during a navel battle. Erling managed to pull himself onto some floating debris after being attacked by a sea monster.

Olaf – Brodir’s father and a warrior of some renown. Olaf was happy to see Brodir off due to the attention Olaf received from a Christian priest. Olaf is considered to be fairly wealthy and popular amongst his people and is not above selling slaves when he can get away with it.

Ingvar Olafson – Brodir’s youngest brother. Olaf was pressured by the church and civic authorities to prove his loyalty to the new religion as he was a popular man. Olaf promised his youngest son to the priests to be raised by them when the boy turned nine. When Brodir left, his brother had just turned eight.

  • Defended a Chantry of Mages in Germany from a barbaric warlord mage and his raiders.
  • Participated in the slaying of the Witch Anesca (an ally of Lord Kasimir) and befriended Lord Stanislav a noble, and vassal to Lord Kasimir.
  • Killed a Tremere vampire in single combat in the woods outside of Vienna
  • Killed Lord Kasimir’s Captain of the Guard (werewolf) in single combat on the grounds of Kasimir’s castle.
  • Led the torching of Kasimir’s Keep.
  • Escaped confinement from Kasimir’s Castle.
  • Returned to free allies and torched Kasimir’s Castle a second time.
  • Stepped through Magnus’s defenses into the Penumbra while the cray was under attack.
  • Killed 2 Tzimisce vampires defending Magnus’s cray

Brodir Olafson

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