Dark Age: Mage

The Sleestak of the Spirit Realm

After a brief bit of time the adventurers (less Jamal) managed to find one another and started moving towards the arched towers of a grand city off in the distance. The towers were encircled by a tall stone wall that showed no signs of brick or mortar. An archway opened into a tunnel where the only decorations were found, that of a dragon inspired language or motif decorating the archway.

The wall encircled many smaller houses or buildings whose upper floors spanned into the sky. In the city, blue scaled lizardmen were seen speaking with one another though they did not respond to any queries the adventurers made towards them. The party explored the city noting that the low lying mist still covered the ground but for all accounts, the ground was made of the same singular stone that the walls and buildings were made of.

Traveling into the center of the city, the party believed or rather felt that the area should have housed fountains and decorations that were not present. It was in this location where the party saw a flash of yellow energy move from one building to another and then down an alleyway. Shortly after the energy faded from view a scream of pain was heard followed by sounds of combat. Following the sounds, the adventurers witnessed two of the blue scaled dragonmen clawing at a yellow humanoid figure who was trying to defend himself.

Brodir called out to the yellow figure who responded and was racked with a clawed fist from one of his blue assailants.



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