Dark Age: Mage

The 2nd Coming!

There was a huge battle at a fortress in the middle of nowhere. The group discovered it while following the magical tether to the old gypsy hag. There seemed to be two sides in the struggle. The group that wore dragon themed uniforms and another group that was led by a stone dragon and had a number of blue dragons on their side as well. Most of the group decided it would be best to get themselves captured again and accomplished this without delay. When the blue dragons attacked however chaos erupted throughout the besiegers camp and they were able to escape. They tried to make it over the walls to escape the attacking dragons, but there were too many obstacles in their way. Taking all of this in stride Jamal flew over the battle protected by a gleaming sphere of force. Once inside the castle he then made himself invisible and convinced the dragon that he was a spirit that had interest in saving the rest of his henchmen from the turmoil outside the walls. He made some vague totally retractable agreement with the stone dragon who let out a great wail and had his dragon servants find the rest of the group and bring them before him. They then discussed that their aim was getting home and were led to believe that entering a portal in the dragons mouth would get them there.

The party then entered the portal which quickly became a very narrow tunnel. After much crawling they then emerged onto a mountain cliff and found that they were now no longer animal men. Instead they were not dragons. They were each a different color and Brodir still had his giant foot which made flying difficult. Conrad and Jamal were curious if they could breathe fire and after some experimenting found that they could in fact breathe fire if they tried hard enough.

Shortly they met up with other dragons and the dragon queen, Shahira. They seemed to be expecting them and were under the impression they were there to help them battle some evil dragons. The group saw no harm in battling these evil dragons and went into battle with the other dragons. Brodir flew straight at the enemy and managed somehow to attract the attention of a great number of evil dragons and was torn to pieces. Conrad fought for awhile and when he saw Brodir die went to investigate. As always Jamal shown the broightest and led the good dragons to victory. Then when Shahira asked him what he wished in return for his great aid he selflessly asked if they could return Brodir to life. They agreed and somehow infused him with quintessece which allowed him to pull himself back together.

After this the party encountered a grey mist and soon found themselves in another dimension. Here they were human again. This dimension seemed almost lifeless except for some dying plants and floating cows. Eventually they discovered some recently killed blue men and armed themselves with their weapons. This proved fortuitous for shortly they ran into a group of living blue men chained together like slaves. Their keepers soon attacked the group and they found themselves fighting giant skeletons, an over sized armored warrior and an alien mentalist. Once again Jamal was the most effective amongst the group cleaving the skeletons in twain and setting the enemies on fire. Conrad tried to encourage the blue men to fight and had some moderate success at this. And Bogden swung his heavy mace rather effectively as well. Still suffering from a huge foot, broken hand and bad luck Brodir had difficulty being very combative, but did manage to keep the warrior from moving for some time. Once the armored warrior and skeletons were destroyed Conrad convinced the mentalist to surrender and she reluctantly did so.



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