Dark Age: Mage

Squeek! Squeek!

After a long and trying journey through a particularly seedy section of the umbra, Brodir, Bogden and Conrad started a conflict between the terribly annoying yellow men or the fortress and the blue dragon men who had invaded them. Naturally they chose the wrong side and after many vain attempts at escape and subversion they were imprisoned.

The three of them were then taken to the home of the dragon men. Here they could see the dragon men as not dragon people but men wearing armor with dragon emblems. Likewise they themselves no longer looked human, but like anthropomorphic creatures. Brodir had the head of a stag, Bogden the head of a horse and Conrad the head of a bat. Here to they met up with Jamal who had decided to enlighten the foolish blue people on the art of siege weaponry. Fittingly, he appeared to have the head of the king of the beasts, the noble lion.

Soon however they were then judged and found guilty of creating rebellion amongst the yellow men and sentenced to death. They struggled and used all their magical might to try and escape this gruesome fate. Predictably this came to nothing and they were shackled to a mob of smelly fish men and led out into a field to be gruesomely slain.

Once again however Jamal came to the rescue and with a flawless display of True Magic and peerless use of strategy, blinded all of the enemy, freed his comrades from their shackles and led them to freedom.



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