Dark Age: Mage

After the defense of Magnus’s cray, the group continued to consult with Magnus about the situation in the city, the nature of the vampires who assaulted the cray, Lord Masliev, and the qualities of magical items.

Bogdan voiced concern over the vampires that traveled to Szczecin from Fezhun. He instructed his familiar, a raven, Garvan, to fly to the werewolf cray and tell them of the vampire nest through a hole in the roof in hopes to pit the werewolves and the vampires against each other while giving the werewolves the advantage by giving them a known location and knowledge of the vampire’s weakened strength. Brodir Olafson collected some of the vampires’ ashes in case they ever felt the need to track down the exact location of the lair.

Magnus was brought into the circle of trust with regards to the tapestry as the group were trying to assess Lord Masliev’s motives for wanting the tapestry and whether or not he truly was a friend to the gifted. Magnus claimed that Lord Masliev enjoyed surrounding himself with numerous ‘hedge wizards’ and made a point of keeping his identity and nature from Lord Masliev. Magnus also shared the groups’ assumption as to what Lord Masliev would do if the tapestry fell into his hands while he was also Peter’s ward.

This led to the discussion of how one could destroy magical items, especially one of the tapestry’s nature. Without inspecting it Magnus could only surmise that the tapestry would probably have to be destroyed with the expenditure of magical essence. This brought up more discussion as to what to do with the tapestry once retrieved and which patron would the party eventually side with. Lord Stanislav wanted the tapestry destroyed or ‘taken away’, whereas Lord Masliev would probably use it for his own gains. Jamal Al Farouk voiced a third opinion of using it for personal gain which seemed drastically out of character for him at the time…

Magnus was also able to aid the party in discovering what the powers of the group’s magical items were.

Overall the party was able to spend roughly 6 weeks of downtime in Szczecin. Most spent it improving skills and abilities and working on their magical studies. Jamal opted to stay behind to increase his ability of life magic.

Magical Items

The knife (Jamal’s Dagger) was able to impede travel across a line in which it drew. This barrier did not stop missiles or other people from being pushed through but for those present, they could not raise up the motivation to cross the line to even try it. The knife’s second power was it’s ability to act as a compass in detecting supernatural creatures (or at least other mages). Both powers required the expenditure of quintessence to use.

The curtain was actually an embodied obscurement spell. It’s ability was to make inanimate object invisible. This did not work for hiding living beings and also required the expenditure of quintessence to use.

Brodir’s buckler was made with the magic of the Messianic Voices. When activated it seems to disintegrate missile attacks and provide the wielder a sort of x-ray/night vision allowing one to see in darkness as well as around corners and sense enemies.

Traversing the Baltic

Between Bogdan’s water magic and Brodir’s travel magic the two were able to calm the waters and ease Gunter‘s ship through the Baltic’s icy seas. Gunter’s crew were divided between those who seemed to lean towards the old traditions and those who leaned towards the christian doctrine. Konrad worked to distract the crew when the two were working their magic but on such a small and tightly cramped vessel it was difficult to obfuscate.

The trio landed in Ladoga, a small port town that was located on the mouth of a river. Konrad managed to make a few trades and garner a profit, lightening the load of goods they were bringing from Szczecin to Muscovy. Brodir managed to assuage the fears of the guards they brought with them with some rambunctious behavior and a few flasks of mead.

Experience Points

None awarded



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