Dark Age: Mage

The intrepid adventurers left Ladoga and traversed up river. Using magic to hasten their travel they had managed to stay ahead of the merchants and traders that would eventually use the same waterways. A failed magic roll while rowing across a large lake summoned some inclement weather though the party managed to get to land safely, if a bit wet and bruised.

The party set out watches in the night with one of the pc’s awake with each shift. In the morning, the group had found that three of the guards had disappeared. Brodir Olafson managed to locate footprints coming out of the water and then return by use of his Fara magic.

Bogdan and Konrad spoke to the members of the village close to the lake and they spoke with superstition of a spirit, a Vodyanoy, that occasionally stole members in the night. The party disagreed about what to do next, Bogdan advocated rescuing the men if to only confront the water spirit. Konrad wished to continue on to Moscovy, both leaving it to Brodir to break the tie. Brodir felt that one day to retrieve the lost men (or at least investigate their current state) would not slow them down too much.

Brodir organized the rest of the guards to be hidden in the trees with ready to light torches. The goal was for Konrad to draw the Vodyanoy onto land. Bogdan would use his water magic so that it would be repelled from the Vodyanoy and keep him from his element, the men would then try and insert themselves between the Vodyanoy and the water using flame to keep the spirit at bay. Brodir would bring the heavy hurt should muscle be needed.

Konrad managed to make contact with the Vodyanoy who was apparently wise to the preparations that the group had made. He refused to come up on shore and the group had nothing to persuade him to do so. Brodir then foolishly stepped into the Pen-Umbra to see if he could locate the spirit from the spirit world. As Brodir disappeared, Konrad began berating the spirit for its cowardice in an attempt to taunt it on shore.

The ploy worked all to well with the Vodyanoy leaping out of the water to grapple with Konrad. Konrad delved deep into his soul and managed to draw upon the energies of some foolish ancestor who dared fortune by obtaining a dodge pool above 4 and achieved a staggering 5 successes on a dodge roll. Konrad then continued the taunting of the Vodyanoy by retreating expiditiously through the forest with his best castrato scream.

Bogdan used his water magic to create a bubble around the Vodyanoy which seemed to slow the spirits escape, but only for a few rounds. The men charged in with torches but the Vodyanoy dove into the waters and stepped into the Pen-Umbra.

Brodir had been anticipating the Vodyanoy but the spirit had managed to still get the drop on him. The spirit attempted to grapple Brodir when he moved in to attack and with the use of Fara magic he managed to disentangle himself from the spirit’s grasp.

Bogdan then decided to pursue the water spirit by jumping into his bubble along with Konrad who had managed to reclaim his typical baritone voice. In the spirit world, Brodir attempted to taunt the spirit challenging the spirit to release the men stolen from the party for having lost the conflict.

The Vodyanoy admitted to the kidnapping, claiming that his slaves tended to bore him after a year or so when he went looking for new slaves. He seemed to be miffed that his permission wasn’t sought when the party traversed his lake and the failed magic roll may have had something to do with that. He required payment and Brodir’s name before he would release the 3 men he stole from the group. There was some dispute as to the wording of the deal and so Brodir heightened the tension by offering to give the spirit back his pride stating that it wasn’t worth taking in the first place. The Vodyanoy required three foreign items from afar in exchange for the three slaves that he took and gave his name as being Norgo after the payment had been made.

Brodir handed over his Fara Foci, an ancient roman coin, and a pair of vampire teeth that he kept as a momento after having killed his first vampire. Norgo said that the men would be released in the morning, “for that is the time for such things.”

More importantly, back in Stretchin, Jamal was finally able to spend some time alone and continue his studies of real magic in peace. Much was learned or rediscovered during this time and great knowledge was added to the already impressive arsenal of Jamal. He was also able to get some important shopping done and spend some time with his new mentor, Magnus. This wonderful period will be called the Spring of Jamal.

Familiar Mechanics Hammered Out

Some discussion and debate over the feeding of familiars were decided upon this night. Bogdan’s crow could be fed human eyeballs in place of quintessence. Jamal’s cat would require the a page per week of a book in place of quintessence. Konrad’s fetch required _______________ (I don’t remember)

Experience Points

None awarded.



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