This is an easy enough site to use and you should all feel comfortable adding information, editing previous posts, or making up your own. For example, there is nothing stopping John from composing Jamal’s Erotic Adventures, the Polish Chronicles outside of the general session write-ups. It might not be read by anyone, but he’s still free to write it – AND personal entries could add some flavor to the sessions or the characters outside of the 3 hours a week we get to game.

This is merely to help track what our character’s know and to help us remember what has happened. I mentioned to Guild that I had originally imagined a bullet-style approach vs. writing prose to keep things brief. I don’t have the time to write it all up and edit it so that it reads elegantly but if you have the time, the desire, or the patience then you may do so as you wish. I’ve ended up just jotting down quick notes that may not be fully accurate as I try to cover the major accomplishments/failures while keeping the accounts brief.

Guild does have a GM’s only section where he can place notes or details that we might not know about (which we can not see) so don’t be shy about writing about things our characters know or even what we might expect.

Dark Age: Mage

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